This section collects together the information concerned with Surbiton's seven lawns.

The Surbiton CC Club House.
Surbiton CC lawns and Club House
The Surbiton CC Club House.
Surbiton CC lawns and Club House

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Croquet lawns are not naturally level: they get that way by hard work and maintenance. All the lawns at Surbiton have been relaid - in some cases on more than one occasion - to deliver a level overall surface. Our goal is to maintain the best possible playing surfaces, so that we can host major events fully confident that our lawns will stand up to the scrutiny of the world's best players.

But re-laying is not the end of the story. Minor variations in level are usually still present, and the lawns themselves are not static. Variations in water content through the seasons, regular traffic - trampling feet and heavy machines - and other more direct interventions such as annual top-dressing and hoop placement all leave their marks and can, over time, develop into ridges and hollows which can affect play. These and other defects become particularly apparent in the summer, when the lawns dry hard and the grass is cut short. Low areas within the lawn can show up after heavy rain, though high spots are less easy to see.

This year we have started a programme of detailed laser surveys to determine the irregularities of each lawn and to plan corrective actions.

The results of the surveys of all seven lawns are shown below. The maps show the whole playing area in 5mm contours with '0' being the lowest point on the lawn.

The results for lawn 1 show that the north boundary and corners 1 and 4 need attention. There is also a large low area between hoops 1, 2 and the peg. These are not sufficiently serious to warrant re-laying the whole lawn: after all, the majority of lawn 1 is level to within +/- 15 mm over most of its surface. But if not attended to, they will get worse.

The main remedial work will consist of applying small amounts of topdressing (no more than 5mm at a time) once or twice a year to gradually build up the depressions.

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Lawn 1
Surbiton CC Lawn 1
Lawn 2
Surbiton CC Lawn 2
Lawn 3
Surbiton CC Lawn 3
Lawn 4
Surbiton CC Lawn 4
Lawn 5
Surbiton CC Lawn 5
Lawn 6
Surbiton CC Lawn 6
Lawn 7
Surbiton CC Lawn 7

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