Setting & Storing Hoops and Pegs

Random placement of hoops and pegs causes their different shapes and sizes to enlarge the holes in the lawn. These instructions are designed so that each hoop and peg is always set in the same position on the same lawn.


1. Ensure the trolley handles are positioned downwards before moving the trolley.
2. To avoid scraping the hoops against the metal flags, remove all flags first.
3. Place each hoop in the correct location on the lawn.
4. After removing the peg and each hoop, tread down the holes and store each item in its correct position in the trolley.
5. Place the flags into the trolley only after the hoops are stored.

Hoop 2 . .     . . Hoop 3
     . . Hoop 6   
   Hoop 5 . .     
Hoop 1 . .     . . Hoop 4
East Boundary

South Boundary (parallel to Alexandra Drive on lawns 1-6)

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