Surbiton Croquet Club - Bridge

Bridge is played regularly after the Winter One-ball competitions.

There are also occasional 'Croquet and bridge' team events against other clubs.

Bridge is run on a handicap basis. So, please do not be put-off if you are an improver (or, indeed, an international).

After being allocated a starting figure your handicap goes up and down depending on your performance - just like the croquet system on which it is based.
In each handicap event a pair's handicaps are added to their raw score to get their adjusted score.
Handicaps are reduced by for adjusted scores above 62% and by for above 68%.
Handicaps are increased by for adjusted scores below 50% and by for below 44%.

Current handicaps can be found by clicking here.

Duplicate is often played after the winter One-balls. See the web diary for further details.

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