2016 Calendar

Events shown in bold are CA calendar events.
Events shown in bold italics are CA sponsored events 
Events shown in red are open to non-members of the club and are not CA events

Management only















24 SaturdaySummer handicap
25 SundaySummer handicap
26 MondaySECF GC R league match v Cheam (home)
27 TuesdayGC morning roll-up (10am start)
28 WednesdayClub AC Roll-up (10am start)
29 ThursdayGC afternoon roll-up (1.30pm start)
30 FridaySECF A League match v Sussex (home)
30 FridayKitty Social









01 SaturdaySECF “Southern Challenge” GC team event
02 SundaySECF “Southern Challenge” GC team event
04 TuesdayGC morning roll-up (10am start)
05 WednesdayClub AC Roll-up (10am start)
06 ThursdayGC afternoon roll-up (1.30pm start)
07 FridayGC friendly match v Roehampton (Away)
08 SaturdaySECF B-League match v Ealing (home)
09 SundayAC & GC Roll-ups
10 MondayCA GC interclub match v Letchworth (home: 10.30 start)
11 TuesdayGC morning roll-up (10am start)
12 WednesdayClub AC Roll-up (10am start)
13 ThursdaySECF GC R-league match v Reigate Priory (home)
13 ThursdayGC afternoon roll-up (1.30pm start)
15 SaturdayHazlenuts alternate stroke handicap doubles
16 SundaySECF B-League match v Southwick
16 SundayCA interclub match v Hurlingham (home)
18 TuesdayGC morning roll-up (10am start)
19 WednesdayClub AC Roll-up (10am start)
20 ThursdayGC 1 Day Level Play Event (Open to All) -Members sign-up list
21 FridayVisit from Bookham U3A Croquet Group
22 SaturdayAC & GC Roll-ups
22 SaturdaySECF B League v Merton (home)
24 MondaySECF U League v Tunbridge Wells (away)
24 MondaySECF GC handicap match v Ramsgate (home)
25 TuesdayGC morning roll-up (10am start)
26 WednesdayClub AC Roll-up (10am start)
27 ThursdayGC afternoon roll-up (1.30pm start)
29 Saturday'Yarrantons' Mixed doubles Tournament
30 SundayAC Hi-Lo Alternate Stroke Doubles Roll-up
30 SundaySECF "A" League Match vs Reigate (home)
31 MondaySECF "A" League Match vs Dulwich (home)









01 TuesdaySECF U-League match v Rother Valley (home)
01 TuesdayGC morning roll-up (10am start)
02 WednesdayClub AC Roll-up (10am start)
03 ThursdayLawn preparation
04 FridayChampionship of Surrey
05 SaturdayChampionship of Surrey
06 SundayChampionship of Surrey
07 MondayAll England Handicap GC area final
08 TuesdayGC morning roll-up (10am start)
09 WednesdayClub AC Roll-up (10am start)
10 ThursdayGC afternoon roll-up (1.30pm start)
12 SaturdayLondon Masters GC
13 SundayLondon Masters GC
14 MondaySECF GC R-League match v Merton (home 10am start)
15 TuesdayGC morning roll-up (10am start)
16 WednesdayClub AC Roll-up (10am start)
17 ThursdayGC 1 Day Level Play Event (Open to All) -Members sign-up list
18 FridayWI Taster Day
19 SaturdaySECF U-League match v Guildford & Godalming (Home)
20 SundayAC & GC Roll-ups
22 TuesdaySECF GC Handicap match v Woking (Away)
22 TuesdayGC morning roll-up (10am start)
23 WednesdayClub AC Roll-up (10am start)
24 ThursdayGC afternoon roll-up (1.30pm start)
26 SaturdayAC Hi-Lo Alternate Stroke Doubles Roll-up
29 TuesdaySECF "A" League Match vs Woking (away)
29 TuesdayGC morning roll-up (10am start)
30 WednesdayClub AC Roll-up (10am start)
31 ThursdayGC 1 Day Level Play Event (Open to All) -Members sign-up list









02 SaturdayAll England Handicap Area Final
03 SundayAll England Handicap Area Final
05 TuesdayGC morning roll-up (10am start)
06 WednesdayClub AC Roll-up (10am start)
07 ThursdayGC afternoon roll-up (1.30pm start)
09 SaturdayAC & GC Roll-ups
09 SaturdayCorporate day – Reg (two lawns only).
10 SundaySECF U-League match v Caterham (home)
12 TuesdayGC morning roll-up (10am start)
13 WednesdayClub AC Roll-up (10am start)
14 ThursdayGC afternoon roll-up (1.30pm start)
16 SaturdayB-level tournament
17 SundayB-level tournament
19 TuesdayGC morning roll-up (10am start)
20 WednesdayClub AC Roll-up (10am start)
21 ThursdayGC afternoon roll-up (1.30pm start)
22 FridayAlternate (invitation event)
23 SaturdayAlternate (invitation event)
24 SundayAlternate (invitation event)
26 TuesdayGC morning roll-up (10am start)
27 WednesdayClub AC Roll-up (10am start)
28 ThursdayGC afternoon roll-up (1.30pm start)
30 SaturdayCA inter-club finals









01 SundayCA inter-club finals
07 SaturdayARK advanced handicap
08 SundayARK advanced handicap














Events shown in bold are CA calendar events.
Events shown in bold italics are CA sponsored events.
Events shown in red are open to non-members of the club and are not CA events

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