Diary/ Calendar

Events shown in bold are CA calendar events.
Events shown in bold italics are CA sponsored events 
Events shown in red are open to non-members of the club and are not CA events

Management only















21 MondayAC Roll-up for h9+ (start:11.00 am)
22 TuesdayGC Roll-up
23 WednesdayAC Roll-up
24 ThursdayGC Roll-up
26 SaturdayAC & GC Roll-up
27 SundaySECF AGM
28 MondayAC Roll-up for h9+ (start:11.00 am)
29 TuesdayGC Roll-up
30 WednesdayAC Roll-up
31 ThursdayGC Roll-up









03 SundayFebruary One-ball - Members sign-up list
03 SundayFebruary Afternoon Duplicate Bridge - Members sign-up list
24 SundayCA Marketing committee meeting (clubhouse only)









02 SaturdayQuiz Night
03 SundayMarch One-ball - Members sign-up list
03 SundayMarch Afternoon Duplicate Bridge - Members sign-up list
03 SundayClub clothing order date
24 SundaySurbiton CC AGM









07 SundayApril One-ball - Charity heat - Members sign-up list
13 SaturdayGolf Croquet Open Tournament
14 SundayGolf Croquet Open Tournament
19 FridayEaster Handicap Tournament
20 SaturdayEaster Handicap Tournament
21 SundayEaster Open Tournament
22 MondayEaster Open Tournament
28 SundayGolf Croquet “C”- level









05 SundayClub clothing order date
09 ThursdayHamburger CC?
10 FridayFriendly GC match v AELTC (home)
11 SaturdaySpeed Doubles tournamet
12 SundayCharity one-ball championship final
16 ThursdayHamburger CC?
18 SaturdayB-level Tournament
19 SundayB-level Tournament
24 FridayFriendly Croquet and Bridge match v Hurlingham (away)









01 SaturdayAC Match v Hurlingham (away)
02 SundayClub clothing order date
03 MondayLivery companies’ croquet day
06 ThursdayGolf Croquet one-day Tournament
10 MondayFriendly GC match v Hurlingham (home)
15 SaturdaySummer Handicap Tournament
16 SundaySummer Handicap Tournament
27 ThursdayGolf Croquet one-day Tournament
29 SaturdayCA Open Championships
30 SundayCA Open Championships









01 MondayCA Open Championships
02 TuesdayCA Open Championships
03 WednesdayCA Open Championships
04 ThursdayCA Open Championships
05 FridayCA Open Championships
06 SaturdayCA Open Championships
07 SundayClub clothing order date
07 SundayCA Open Championships
18 ThursdayGolf Croquet one-day Tournament
20 SaturdayMcWeeney Trophy (CA v CAI)
21 SundayMcWeeney Trophy (CA v CAI)









01 ThursdayGolf Croquet one-day Tournament
02 FridayChampionship of Surrey
03 SaturdayChampionship of Surrey
04 SundayClub clothing order date
04 SundayChampionship of Surrey
05 MondayAll England Handicap GC area final
10 SaturdayLondon Masters GC Tournament
11 SundayLondon Masters GC Tournament
15 ThursdayEngland international development group
16 FridayEngland international development group
17 SaturdayEngland international development group
17 SaturdayFriendly AC match v Balgreen C C (away in Edinburgh)
18 SundayEngland international development group
22 ThursdayGolf Croquet one-day Tournament
31 SaturdayAll England Handicap Area Final









01 SundayClub clothing order date
01 SundayAll England Handicap Area Final
05 ThursdayGolf Croquet one-day Tournament
14 SaturdayARK Advanced Handicap Tounament
15 SundayARK Advanced Handicap Tounament
27 FridayAlternate (invitation event)
28 SaturdayAlternate (invitation event)
29 SundayClub clothing order date
29 SundayAlternate (invitation event)









05 SaturdayCA inter-club finals
06 SundayCA inter-club finals








Events shown in bold are CA calendar events.
Events shown in bold italics are CA sponsored events.
Events shown in red are open to non-members of the club and are not CA events

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