CA Listed Tournaments 2019

CA listed tournaments are organised at Surbiton Croquet Club throughout the year.
For entry details see the CA Fixtures' Calendar.
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The following are entries in the 2019 CA Fixtures Calendar:

Weekend Handicap Tournaments

Previous winners:   (a) ,   (b) ,   (c),
Dates : (a) 19-20 April, (b) 15-16 June, (c) 14-15 September
Manager: (a) Samir Patel (b) Andy Dibben (c) Martin Burger
Entries: Allocation Date: (a) 1 March (b) 11 May (c) 21 July
Closing Date: (a) 12 April (b) 8 June (c) 6 September
Format : AMD (a) & (b) Handicap AC
(c) Handicap Advanced AC.
Holders : (a) (The Llewellyn Williams Urn) Not completed (b) Andy Dibben (c) (The Ark) Shared - Andy Dibben & Peter Thompson
Exceptions and Additions to Tournament Regulations:
            1. In the event of over-subscription on the Allocation Date, 50% of places will be reserved for Surbiton members.

Handicap Speed Doubles

Previous winners
Dates : 11 May
Manager: George Noble
Entries: Allocation Date: 1 April
Closing Date: 3 May
Format : Full games in an American Block. 6 pairs or 8 pairs in a Swiss. Speed clocks will be used. Handicap AC doubles.
Trophy: The Nelson Morrow Tray (Holders : Ian Plummer & Christine Osmond)
Exceptions and Additions to Tournament Regulations, as above, plus:
            1. No need to wear whites.
            2. Players should ideally enter as a pairs.

Weekend Open Tournaments

Previous winners:   (a),   (b).
Dates : (a) 21-22 April, (b) 18-19 May
Manager: (a) Kevin Carter (b) David Mooney
Entries: Allocation Date: (a) 2 March (b) 4 April
(a) If oversubscribed on this date, priority will be given to entrants with the best current ranking.
Closing Date: 14 April (b) 11 May
Format : (a) Swiss or AMD. Level Advanced AC. The Robert Prichard Trophy (Holder: Jamie Burch)
(b) Flexible Swiss qualifier to semi-final and final. Level Advanced AC. Restricted to players with handicaps 0-8.
Holder: James Brind

The 51st Championship of Surrey

Previous winners
Dates : 2-4 August
Manager : Samir Patel
Entries: Allocation Date: (a) 9 July
Closing Date: 23 July   Draw: 27 July
Event 1: Championship of Surrey
Format : Best of 3, 3/5/7 hour time limit: best of 5 may be played in later rounds, AMD, Level Advanced AC.
Maximum of 30 players.
Modified Swiss plate event with final day knockout.
Trophy:The Surrey Cup (Holder: David Maugham)
Event 2: Plate
Format : Modified Swiss with final day knock-out. Level Advanced AC.
Trophy: The Hazel Kittermaster Trophy (Holder: Samir Patel)

The Surbiton Golf Croquet Championship

Previous winners
Dates : 13-14 April
Manager : Donald Beck
Entries: Allocation date: 28 February. Closing date: 30 March
Places: 24 entrants at most accepted.
Format: Single games in two blocks of 12. Then the top two in each blockplay a semi-final in which the block game between the pair is the first game in a best of three. GC (Level)
Trophy: Surbiton Golf Croquet Championship Cup (Holder: Ian Burridge)

The 'London Masters' Golf Croquet Event

Previous winners
Dates : 10-11 August
Manager : Donald Beck
Entries: Allocation date: 15 June Closing date: 27 July Draw: 6 August
Places: 12 entrants at most will be accepted.
Format : Two blocks of six playing best of three 13 point games - single banked with best of three play-off between the block winners. GC (level)

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