Ladies' Day at Southwick

Trudi Pusford writes:

The winning team
Trudi & Bill

On the 3rd July four of us: Chris Osmond, Lorraine Hellen, Rosemary Coleman and I joined eleven Ladies' teams at Southwick. Each team played 6 games, 3 doubles and 3 singles. Before lunchtime we realised that we were doing reasonably well and enjoyed a delicious meal of salmon and strawberries, all served by the gentlemen of the club. At 6pm when we were mingling about – the sun was shining by then and, with a refreshing glass of wine, we were awaiting the results.To our delight we discovered that had won the competition winning 7 out of 9 games. Bill Arliss presented the trophy, the first inscription was made in 1990 and Surbiton’s name will be engraved on it for the first time in its history. We are really rather proud of it.




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