Surbiton 'Hazel Nuts' Alternate Stroke Doubles Competition

Kevin Carter writes:

This year's 'Hazel Nuts' alternate stroke doubles tournament had a neat 16 players, ranging in handicaps from -1 (George) to 24, aptly demonstrating how this format enables better players to coach beginners and improvers. Over the four rounds every plays partners four different partners.

At lunchtime the leaders were Tony Barnes (24), Julie Sorrell (20), Mike Hampson (11), David Mooney (0.5) and the manager, Kevin Carter (0). In the third round, Julie and Kevin fell away; and in the last round the other three were pitched against one another, supplemented by a solid Hugh Stephenson (11).

Tony and Mike were victorious (the latter for the second year in a row) and collected the silver mugs. The manager's special prizes of his best blackcurrant jam went to David Mooney, in recognition of his 3/4 and his coaching skills, and Wendy Barnes for trying hard and in a great spirit but with a singular lack of success (aka the Booby!).

An always fun day was improved this year by every shower falling between rounds.

Surbiton Croquet Club
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NF 30/07/13