Surbiton Golf Croquet One Day Competition - June 2013

Don Beck writes:

Despite several withdrawals due to illness, eight players contested the June one-day GC.

Quite quickly it became apparent that Gavin Taylor would justify his handicap and he won all six games without seeing hoop 13.

The interesting battle was for Cheesecake (the prize for 2nd place). The 3rd round match between Charles Harvey and Charlie Sturge was to prove critical with Charlie the victor 7-3. But Charlie was the last to finish in the final round and needed a win against Louise Taylor who after sitting-out a round came back refreshed. Charlie finally won at the 13th to take a well deserved 2nd place.


1st Gavin Taylor 6/6
2nd Charlie Sturge 4/6
3rd Charles Harvey 4/7

Surbiton Croquet Club
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NF 22/06/13