Surbiton 'Hazel Nuts' Alternate Stroke Doubles Competition

Kevin Carter writes:

This year's, fifth, 'Hazel Nuts' Alternate Stroke Doubles tournament was especially poignant since it was the first without the donor of the fine trophies, Hazel Kittermaster, who passed away during the winter. She would have been proud of spirit of friendly competition seen throughout the day.

However, it almost did not take place because of waterlogging. Four players took shifts over an hour to clear some courts of surface water and we pressed ahead, albeit in soggy conditions.

After two rounds we stopped for lunch and there were four unbeaten players: Graham Brightwell and Chris Osmond among the lower handicapped members, Jonathan Edwards and Graham de Kock among the high bisquers. These four were pitted against each other, with Chris and Graham DeK emerging as the convincing winners. The two victors were split for the last round, joined by challengers Mike Hampson and Richard Bird.

Graham and Mike won and were therefore presented with the trophies. Overall runners up, each getting a jar of the manager's Best Blackcurrant Jam, were Chris and Jonathan.

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