Surbiton Golf Croquet Open Tournament

Don Beck writes:

Perhaps it was the weather, or perhaps it was the performance of the finalists last year. Whatever the reason the entry was down to 17 this year. However the quality of the field made this possibly the toughest weekend Open of the season. Fouteen players were scratch or 1 handicap.

An uncertain weather forecast and 17 players led to 2 blocks each playing all the players in the opposite block and after 4 rounds the likely contenders were showing their form but only Howard Cheyne was undefeated. Over the remaining 5 rounds some suprising trends developed. Andrew Dymond announced his arrival on the circuit by beating Howard, Ryan Cabble and James Death. He was the first to qualify for the semifinals, quickly followed by Howard. John Spiers made it through directly, James making up the numbers by beating Lionel Tibble and Ryan ina 3-way decider. Three of the four top seeds Stephen Mulliner, Ryan, and Pierre Beaudry perished.

In the semis Howard beat John, James came from behind to beat Andrew.

The two players in the best form contested a best of 5 final, James winning his first major Golf Croquet event 3-1.

Our thanks to Malcolm Bigg and Chris Roberts for their on-court refereeing of the final. John taking 3rd place by beating Andrew.

The following handicap adjustments were made: James Death 1 to 0, Andrew Dymond 4 to 2.

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