Surbiton Winter 10+ Handicap Competition

Martin Pulsford writes:

This long running competition kicked off to a good start on 7th December with 11 of the eventual 14 entrants. With the exception of just two days lost through bad weather this hardy bunch played a total of 95 games on 15 Wednesdays.

Finals day, 28th March, dawned cloudless with a slight frost which quickly cleared. Our four finalists, Trudi Pulsford, Colin Dalziel, Martin Pulsford and Bob Prichard took to the lawns at 11 o’clock to play the last and deciding games of the contest. The number crunchers had been at work and agreed that though Bob was in as a spoiler, any of the other three could win.

In round 1 Bob beat Trudi +2T and Martin beat Colin +1T – close games and the number crunchers said it was still all to play for.

After lunch in round 2 Trudi beat Martin and Colin beat Bob, the number crunchers said Martin was now out of it and all would depend on a head to head between Trudi and Colin.

The wall to wall sunshine continued, the temperature rose to an unheard of 23º C for March and after a close fought final game Colin emerged as this year’s 10+ champion with 11/16 wins 68.8% with Trudi runner up with 9/14 wins 64.3%.

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