Schools' Match 2023

Match in play

Joel Taylor writes:

On 21 May 2023, Surbiton CC hosted a one-day school croquet tournament involving Eton, Radley and Winchester Colleges. A total of 16 players from years 10 to 12 played a combined 37 singles and 8 doubles games. Games were level 14 point, played on half lawns, and for most players it was their first experience of proper lawns with proper hoops.

Early on, some misconceptions regarding the rules and alternate stroke play were resolved, but the players adapted quickly and relished the opportunity to test their game against the Surbiton lawns. Most games finished in under an hour, which kept the manager busy assigning new games in the flexible swiss format.

Both the singles and doubles events were won by Radley students, but ultimately, with so many youngsters playing and enjoying themselves, croquet was the real winner.




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