Surbiton Summer Solstice Singles 2022

Barry Holland

Maxine Ricketts writes:

The day opened up clear and warm with faint traces of high level mackerel sky, illuminated by the first shards of dawn light.

The dawn chorus was for once accompanied by the timpany section as keen players were already putting out lawns and hammering in hoops (gently, so as not to wake the neighbours) at 04.40am!

Eleven competed in two blocks, of five and six. After six hours of tight matches the final combatants were Margaret Packer with four out of five wins and Barry Holland with three wins out of four.

Players watched the final while eating their well deserved late breakfast of grilled peaches with granola followed by egg and bacon butties prepared by manager and cook Maxine Holland.

Barry came out on top with a 7 - 3 win and was presented with the trophy by last years winner Thom Braun.




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