Surbiton March 2022 One-ball

Andy Dibben writes:

After a very wet week the lawns had dried out sufficiently for the March 1 ball to take place.

15 players took part, the event being managed by Andy’s tournament program as a very flexible Swiss with a minimum of 4 games to be able to win the win the tournament.

By 12:00 Alan Grundy looked like a certain winner having played 5 games and was the only person with a 100% win record.

Spurning the chance to guarantee victory he started another game which he lost to leave him on 5 out of 6. With only a few minutes to go before the 13:00 deadline to start new games he decided to have 1 more game and was drawn against Graham. He would still be guaranteed victory if he won.

In the meantime Nick on 3 out of 4 was drawn against Elizabeth and everyone assumed that if Alan lost and Nick won then Nick would be the winner.

However, in the end both lost their games, Alan just by 1 point, which resulted in him winning 5 out of 7 (ie, a 71% win percentage) and falling below those with a 75% win having won 3 of their 4 games.

Stephen and Carol had both won 3 out of 4 but Stephen was declared the winner as he was ahead of Carole on both quality of wins and nett hoops.

The final result was therefore
1st, Stephen Parish: 3 out of 4 (75%)
2nd, Carol Collins: 3 out of 4 (75%)
3rd, Alan Grundy: 5 out of 7 (71%)
Then Dave Evans, Philip Helen, Nick Furse & Elizabeth Kennedy with 3 out of 5 (60%)

The players enjoyed a delicious lunch of Chris’s Chilli followed by George’s Lemon desert. The portions being even larger than usual as the food had been intended for a larger attendance at previous evenings quiz night which, unfortunately, was cancelled because the quizmaster had had a positive Covid test earlier that day.

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