Surbiton Tournament Vacancies

Surbiton Croquet Club is now part of the Croquet Association’s arrangements for on-line tournament booking using the CA website. Information about who has entered each tournament is now available on the CA website so there is no need for us to display the same information on the club website.

In order to see the list of players who have entered our tournaments, you need first of all to log onto the members’ area of the CA website. Then click on “Tournaments” and then click on “Enter Tournaments” near the top of the tournaments page. That will display a list of tournaments and you can enter a tournament by clicking on the icon which looks like a man wearing a green top and carrying a red cross. If you click on the icon with what looks like three people, then you can see a list of who has already entered.

Here is a link to all CA Surbiton Tournaments for this year:

If you wish to enter in the old fashioned way, then you can send your entry to Kevin Carter, using the information in the fixtures book.

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