Surbiton GC Doubles Handicap Ladder Blocks (Bernard's Boxes) Winter 2023/24

Handicap Play - Best of three

Month 2 - The deadline for all matches is 31st March 24

Please enter the scores of individual games, eg +2 +4 in the appropriate boxes, but *not* just 2-0.

Previous results

Block 1

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PlayerB&K1B&K2B&K3J&S1J&S2J&S3C&J1C&J2C&J3S&B1S&B2S&B3MatchesGamesNet Score
Beryl & Ken Hughes (B&K1) 
Beryl & Ken Hughes (B&K2) 
Beryl & Ken Hughes (B&K3) 0/00/00
Johanna Duffy & Stella McFarlane (J&S1) 
Johanna Duffy & Stella McFarlane (J&S2) 
Johanna Duffy & Stella McFarlane (J&S3) 0/00/00
Cliff Hunter & Jo Luck (C&J1) 
Cliff Hunter & Jo Luck (C&J2) 
Cliff Hunter & Jo Luck (C&J3) 0/00/00
Sue Pendry & Bernard Pendry (S&B1) 
Sue Pendry & Bernard Pendry (S&B2) 
Sue Pendry & Bernard Pendry (S&B3) 0/00/00

Block 2

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PlayerR&P1R&P2R&P3S&T1S&T2S&T3L&C1L&C2L&C3MatchesGamesNet Score
Richard Law & Peixiano Wang (R&P1) 
Richard Law & Peixiano Wang (R&P2) 
Richard Law & Peixiano Wang (R&P3) 0/00/00
Sue & Tony Nicholas (S&T1) 
Sue & Tony Nicholas (S&T2) 
Sue & Tony Nicholas (S&T3) 0/00/00
Lavinia von Keswick & Caroline Bowis  (L&C1) 
Lavinia von Keswick & Caroline Bowis (L&C2) 
Lavinia von Keswick & Caroline Bowis (L&C3) 0/00/00

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