This page gives information about accommodation near to Surbiton Croquet Club.

Budget Hotels

The cheapest of the budget hotels in the area is the Travelodge about a ten minute walk from the club.  They are currently (early March) offering rooms for the period of the championship for £43 per night.  This price does not include breakfast but there is a brilliant café nearby.  There are two further Travelodges in Kingston upon Thames, a short bus ride from the club.  A slightly higher price of £44 per night and you will have to pay the bus fare but Kingston is more fun. ?

Alternatively, there is  a new Premier Inn in Kingston upon Thames with prices ranging from £39 to £52 per night over the same period (Saver price).    A good option if you wish to join in with the Kingston clubbing scene. Antoinette Hotel in Kingston is a short bus ride from the club in a quiet area between Kingston and Surbiton.  They are currently quoting £55 per night including breakfast but expect it to go up.

Hotel Bosco, near Surbiton Station a 20 minute walk from the club quoting around £80 per nght including breakfast.  Good for cocktails!

Bed and Breakfast

There is a useful list of Bed and Breakfast places in Surbiton in the accommodation section of this website:-  .  Scroll down the page to find the accommodation bit.  Other websites list B and Bs in Surbiton but some of them are at the rough end of the spectrum.  Those listed on this website are fine but it is always good to check tripadvisor.

 The obvious  omission, because it has only recently opened, is the Angel which is a converted pub about a 7 minute walk from the club.

Croquet players have enjoyed The Angel and found it good value although prices are not displayed and you have to ask.  Last we heard it was about £42 per night.  They claim to be the cheapest in Surbiton.  They do not do breakfast but they own a nearby café and it is only a short bus journey to the rich seam of cafés in Tolworth Broadway.  It is not possible to pay by credit card at the Angel so you have to sort that out when you book. “

One possibility not mentioned on the B and B website above, and cheaper than The Angel, is run by Jenny  Booth at about a ten minute walk from the club.   The cost is £30 per night but a “continental” breakfast”.  Mrs Jenny Booth, 21 Cotterill Road, Surbiton, KT6 7UW. Telephone: 07971 670484. “  

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