Draw and Process 2017

A 'Draw and Process' competition is a two life event and consists of two separate Knock-Out draws known seperately as the 'Draw' and the 'Process'.

In a normal Knock-Out event, each player has only one life insofar as a player is knocked out as soon as he or she loses a single match.

In a 'draw and Process' competition, every player has two 'lives' because they cannot lose unless they are knocked out of both the 'Draw' and the 'Process' (or else lose in the final play-off between the two KOs).

The CA Regulation d.4. states "The winner of the Draw plays an extra match against the winner of the Process to decide the event winner. If the same player wins both halves of the event, the defeated finalists in the Draw and Process may play off for second place."

The Process draw may seem strange but it is drawn up strictly in accordance with CA Regulation d.3. It is designed to delay players, who have met each other in one of the two draws, from meeting each other in the other draw for as long as possible.

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