Surbiton GC Handicap Doubles (Draw and Process) - DRAW 2017

Best of three - handicap play

Round 1
Play by:
Quarter Final
Play by : 15th June
Play by : 1st August
Play by : 1st October
Margaret Hampson and Brian Viner 
Vicky Hilton and Yvonne Cunnane 
Margaret Hampson and Brian Viner  W/O


Pete McCambridge and Mark Purkiss  7/3 7/6
Pete McCambridge and Mark Purkiss   7-5 7-4


Val Hitchens and Maureen Asker   7-3 4-7 7-1
Val Hitchens and Maureen Asker    w/o
Pete McCambridge and Mark Purkiss 
Sue and Bernard Pendry 7/4 7/4
Rosemary and Iden Coleman
Sue and Bernard Pendry
Sheila Marks and Rosemary Akerman
Val Hitchens and Maureen Asker
Val Hitchens and Maureen Asker Hc
Toni Richards and Connie Savory 
Val Hitchens and Maureen Asker  7-1, 4-7, 7-4


Jo Luck and Jim Welsh  7-5, 5-7,7-5
John Dawson and Judy Perry 
Jo Luck and Jim Welsh 

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NF 24/04/18