The Early Surbiton Croquet Clubs

A brief history compiled from contemporary records and lightly annotated by
Ian Bond

The present croquet club in Surbiton, with its leased ground in the eastern limb of the Alexandra recreation ground, has at least two antecedents. The first appears not to have had a ground of its own and we know about it largely through the records of the Surbiton Lawn Tennis Club, whose Committee first met on 22 September 1896. Initially, the Committee were responsible for renting the club's ground in the Berrylands and were guarantors of the club's debts, with freedom to dispose of any surplus as they saw fit. It was not until1903 that the club became a members' club and the committee its elected representatives.

The 'Cundall' Club


"... a list of 35 matches for the tennis season, besides croquet matches and tournaments ..." (TCM 20.1.97)

"... It was decided to make an attempt to induce Capt. Hannay to take up the croquet section of the club, and to hold a club and local croquet tournament as soon as convenient ..." (TCM 3.6.97)

"... The Hon. Secretary informed the Committee that the croquet tournament would take place on July 8th etc and the Committee agreed to that date. The Chairman informed the Committee that Capt. Hannay had been unable to see his way to managing the croquet [?section?] of the club and it was decided to ask Mr and Mrs Spicer to do this instead of Capt. Hannay." (TCM 2.7.97)


"... The entrance fee to the croquet section was decided upon, namely 10/6d, annual subscription ladies 10/6d gentlemen 15s." (TCM 18.1.00)

"... Mr H H Anderson moved that the entrance fee for croquet members should be the same as for full members. Mr A Sterry seconded and the motion was carried." (TCM 26.2.00)

"... The Secretary was requested to write to Mr A Gibbs asking him to take on the duties of Hon. Croquet Secretary." (TCM 7.5.00)

"... The Hon. match Secretary [Mr Sterry] was requested to approach Mr E Bates on the subject of the croquet secretaryship, and to ask him to attend the next meeting of the Committee, if inclined to accept this office." (TCM19.12.00)

"... The match Secretary reported that Mr Bates did not see his way at present to accept the Croquet Secretaryship, but that he would join the club next year and would also write definitely about the secretaryship later." (TCM 27.12.00)


"... A letter was received from W[??] Cundall and [??] re the question of croquet and included four chief points to which they required a reply:

  1. What [??] of lease has the club?
  2. Should the ground be lost in less than three years would the club refund entrance fees?
  3. Four courts for 32 members additional if necessary
  4. Guarantee that croquet should not be starved for tennis.

"It was decided to reply that:

  1. They would take equal risk with tennis members
  2. No return of entrance fees
  3. Four courts but no guarantee of any limit to number of members as all tennis members are also croquet members
  4. Would be considered by Committee from time to time. 

"Croquet members must pay [the same] subscriptions as full members." (TCM 13.2.01)

"... The Hon. Treasurer reported that he had seen Mr Cundall re the croquet arrangement and the latter had replied that he would see those proposing to join and lay the Committee's reply before them ... The Hon. match Secretary was requested to write to Mr Cundall and tell him of the alterations in the subscription and ask him if he was willing to become a member of the Committee and guarantor." (TCM 11.3.01)

The new subscription levels were £1-11-6d/£1-1s for tennis only or croquet only, and £2-2s/£1-11-6d for both; so the Committee had evidently changed their position on 'croquet only' members since the February meeting.

"... The Hon. Secretary reported that Mr Cundall had been unable to agree to the terms of the Committee and the matter had therefore fallen through entirely. In a letter addressed to the Hon. Secretary, Mr Cundall said that he regretted that the proposed croquet members had given up all idea of coming to terms with the SLTC." (TCM 29.4.01)  

The same Minutes record the expenditure of £1-10s on a complete croquet set and starting pegs, so croquet evidently continued at the club nonetheless (and the minutes for 23 May record that croquet courts could be reserved by members at 5s per afternoon "should the weather prove sufficiently fine for play"). But Mr and Mrs Cundall are amongst those reported as resigning from the club.


At the meeting on 22 May, the secretary reports spending £4-4-11d on a new croquet set and a pair of tennis posts and net.


The proposal "that the Club be turned into a Members Club as from the date of this meeting" was carried unanimously and "it was proposed by Mr Searle and seconded by Mr Peggler that the Committee treat with the Croquet Club with reference to letting them a portion of the ground - this was carried unanimously." (TCM 21.1.03)

"... The Hon. Secretary was empowered to arrange with the Surbiton Croquet Club a sub-tenancy of part of the ground sufficient for four croquet lawns at a rent of £20 a year and a proportional share of the rates or on the best terms possible." (TCM 27.1.03)

"... The Hon. Secretary reported ... that he had made arrangements with the Surbiton Croquet Club to rent part of the ground sufficient for four lawns at £24 a year, including rates on the assumption that the rates were £16 a year. On it being ascertained that the rates were over £20 the Hon. Secretary was instructed to arrange if possible for the rent to be £25 per annum ...

"It was proposed by F H Bryant and seconded by A S Perkin that bona fide members of the Croquet Club could for the present each, if they wished to, join the [tennis] club at an annual subscription of £1-1s without entrance fee ... It was decided that the Croquet Club members be asked to pay a subscription of 2/6d per annum if they wished to become Hon. members of the Tennis Club." (TCM 2.3.03)

Permission was also given for up to £8 to be spent on the purchase of a pony and for it to be let to the Croquet Club at 4s per day if required (the pony was subsequently bought for £7-10s).

"... The Hon. Secretary reported ... that a further arrangement had been made with the Surbiton Croquet Club to look after their ground at £20 for the season (which arrangement to be terminable by either club at any time) and an extra boy had been engaged at 10s a week. It had also been agreed as part of the arrangement that the members of the Croquet Club should become Hon. members of the Tennis Club without payment and the Rules were accordingly revised." (TCM 20.4.03)


"... It was agreed that the Croquet Club be allowed additional lawns for their tournament to be held in the last week in July." (TCM 24.2.04)

At this meeting, it was also decided not to proceed with the purchase of the ground - under active consideration at the time - as £1750 (presumably the most the club were prepared to offer) would not be accepted by the landlords.

The Surrey Comet's report of the first proper AGM in1904 mentions that the transformation into a members club in January1903 resulted initially in a fall in membership and that the club therefore found that the ground was too large for their immediate needs; so a portion was let to the Surbiton Croquet Club "... who had been very satisfied with it ..." at a yearly rent of £45. (SC19.3.04, p11)

"... The Hon. Secretary reported ... that the Croquet Club had applied for the use of extra courts for their tournament, in July, during the corresponding week to last season. It was decided to agree to this on payment to the [Tennis] Club of £2-2s [??] fee or 1/3 of the profits received." (TCM 6.12.04)

The Croquet Club accepted this arrangement.


"... The Hon. Secretary reported ... that the Croquet Club had applied for the use of a portion of the ground for their tournament on the same terms as last year. This was agreed to but the Hon. Secretary was instructed to request Mr Cundall to give notice of the date of the Croquet tournament before the end of September ... The Hon. Secretary was [also] instructed to communicate with Mr Cundall with a view to obtaining assistance of the Croquet Club members towards raising the necessary funds [for a proposed new pavilion]." (TCM 1.3.06)

The new pavilion was expected to cost about £350 but in the event over £400 was spent.

Later that year, the possible need to limit membership because of the pressure on the Club's facilities was considered. This option was rejected but

"... the Hon. Secretary was instructed to write to the Hon. Secretary of the Croquet Club to ascertain if they would be prepared to give up two of their lawns for the next season on the rent being reduced and failing this notice be given to terminate their tenancy at Michaelmas1907." (TCM 25.9.06)


"The Hon. Secretary reported ... that he had been in communication with the Hon. Secretary of the Croquet Club as to their giving up two of their lawns for the ensuing season, but they were not prepared to do this and that notice had therefore been given terminating their tenancy at Michaelmas1907." (TCM 26.3.07)

At the1907 AGM, it was reported that

"... it had been found necessary to give the Croquet Club notice to quit the ground ... and this would result in subsequently releasing ground for six courts, which it was hoped would relieve congestion ..." (SC 20.4.07, p2)


"... A letter was read from the Secretary of the Croquet Club offering to take the two upper lawns at £22-10s per annum and it was left to the Hon. Secretary to make the best terms possible." (TCM 12.2.08)

"The Hon. Secretary reported ... that he had arranged with the Croquet Club to have the two upper lawns for the season at £30." (TCM 13.4.08)

It was reported at the1908 AGM that "... in future they would receive rather less revenue from the Surbiton Croquet Club, £30 instead of £45, this being due to a diminished area being available for croquet consequent upon more courts being required for their own members ..." (SC 18.4.08, p2)


"... Mr Bell having stated that there were several members of the late Croquet Club who were anxious to join the [tennis] club for the purpose of playing croquet, it was proposed by Mr Mounsey and seconded by Mr Bell that two lawns for croquet be provided for the use of members and that members of the late Croquet Club be admitted as members of the [tennis] club without payment of an entrance fee provided that 20 new members signify their intention of joining for the purposes of playing croquet. This was carried unanimously." (TCM 5.4.09)

The 'Stevenson' Club


"The Hon. Secretary reported ... that Mrs Stevenson had applied to rent the two croquet lawns and the existing requisites for a club she was forming at £30 per annum. After some discussion this was agreed to for one season only, it being understood that Mrs Stevenson should have the first refusal next year should the lawns not be required for tennis." (TCM 9.5.10)


"The Hon. Secretary reported ... that Mrs Stevenson had applied for a croquet section of the club to be formed and additional lawns laid down on the land adjoining the club forming part of Berrylands Farm.

"Mr Bell explained the negotiations that had taken place and submitted estimates of the cost of laying down the lawns and further capital expenditure required. Also as to the probable additional cost of upkeep.

"After considerable discussion Mr Taylor proposed and Mr Bell seconded that subject to an approved personal guarantee being given of a minimum sum of £125 being [?received?] from the croquet section for the first year, £100 for the second and third respectively and to the obtaining of a lease of the additional ground for 3,7 or 14 years at £20 per annum, four croquet courts would be provided for croquet members and a croquet section of the club formed, the entrance fee to be £1 and the annual subscription 30s. This was carried unanimously subject to an inspection of the ground by the Committee the following Sunday and to any decision they might arrive at consequent thereon." (TCM 14.2.11)

It was also decided at this meeting to make a donation of £3-3s to the Evelegh Memorial Fund.

"Mr Bell and the Hon. Secretary reported as to the progress made with the negotiations with Mrs Stevenson for the formation of a Croquet Section of the club.

"The estimates were considered and it was decided to agree to the laying down of two additional croquet lawns in the field adjoining the club ground upon the terms and conditions laid down at the last Committee meeting." (TCM 23.2.11)

"... It was suggested that owing to the great increase in membership and the consequent shortage in courts it would be necessary to convert the present croquet courts into tennis courts." (TCM 15.6.11)

Against this background, the idea of a croquet section was no longer attractive to the tennis club (or, perhaps more likely, to Mrs Stevenson and the croquet players) and an independent croquet club was formed to take over the development of the new site. But relations with the tennis club seem to have remained cordial:

"A letter was read from Mrs Stevenson with regard to the new Croquet Club. She asked that playing members of the Croquet Club should be allowed the use of the LTC pavilion and tea facilities for the annual subscription of 3/6d per head, the honorary members to be admitted for 2/6d per head per annum. For this they did not expect passes for the tennis week.

"After a good deal of discussion it was proposed by Mr Perkin and seconded by Mr Mounsey that all members of the Croquet Club be made honorary members of the LTC on payment of 7/6d per head per annum. This would of course include passes for the tennis week. This was unanimously carried. The Hon. Secretary was asked to communicate this to Mrs Stevenson and report her answer to the Committee." (TCM 22.11.11)

"The Hon. Secretary reported that Mrs Stevenson and the Committee of the Croquet Club were not in favour of the proposal of the LTC and would prefer that they should pay less and not have the rights of honorary members, namely entrance to the ground during tournament week. It was therefore proposed and carried unanimously that all croquet members become honorary members of the LTC at a subscription of 5s per head per annum without the privilege of access to the ground during the tennis tournament. The agreement to be subject to notice to be given prior to Jan[uar]y 1 in any year." (TCM 31.11.11)


Prior to the AGM in1912 we read in the Surrey Comet that "... the committee's report states that owing to the somewhat congested condition of the courts last season, it has been considered advisable to terminate the agreement with the croquet club, thus bringing four additional courts into use ..." (SC 6.4.12, p2)

"The first general meeting of the newly-formed Berrylands Croquet Club will be held at 'Eaglehurst', Ditton Hill, Thursday May 9 at 6pm. The Club will be opened on Wednesday May 15 at 11.30 with an all-day golf croquet tournament ... and a special match. The committee has arranged with the Berrylands Tennis Club to use their pavilion. Four courts were finished before the new year and there is room for three more. An excellent corner is also available for a bowling green ... Mr Horace Davenport is the president ..." (SC 27.4.12, p2)

The club's ground was a field next to the Surbiton Lawn Tennis Club let to them for a yearly rent of £20 by Mr Savage, the leaseholder of the nearby Berrylands Farm - which lay to the west, towards the centre of Surbiton, just off Manor Drive. (SC 28.5.32)

Horace Davenport, the founding president, was an all-round sportsman best known for his swimming prowess: he had at one time been the UK long distance amateur swimming champion and achieved a number of more esoteric feats; and was elected president of the ASA for six years in succession. A member of the committee of the Surbiton Lawn Tennis Club, he lived in Surbiton for forty years and died in January1925, aged 74 (SC 24.1.25, p9).

"... It was decided [at the general meeting] to hold an open meeting in July, if possible, and to use three courts for the tournaments, leaving one always open for games. There are four existing courts, but there is sufficient space for three more to be added when finances permit. A sum of £39 has already been subscribed in an effort to liquidate the club debt, but £25 still remains to be subscribed ..." (SC 11.5.12, p9)

There is no evidence that the proposed open meeting took place.


"The first annual meeting of the Surbiton Croquet Club was held at Eaglehurst, Ditton-hill, on Friday week, Mr H Davenport being in the chair. The balance sheet showed the club to be in a satisfactory financial position. The expenses in laying out the ground, club fittings etc had amounted to £202 10s, but there was a balance of £1 5s 7d on the first year ... Mrs W Williams [?perhaps 'Stevenson' was intended] is presenting a cup to be played for by the club. On Mr C K Gibbons retiring from the Committee through ill-health, Mr Marden Ranger was elected in his place. Mr Trevor Williams and Mr C E Willis are joining the club. Mrs W Stevenson, the secretary, announced that several matches had been arranged with other clubs, and the open CA meeting will take place on June 2 under the management of Dr Bramwell of Cheltenham. Two new courts have been made, making six full-sized level courts ..." (SC19.4.13, p9)

"The first tournament organised by the Surbiton Croquet Club will conclude at Berrylands today after a week's progress ... In the Open Singles (Class A, 4 bisques and under) the representative entry of twenty six was most satisfactory, being, indeed, equal to a championship meeting ... in today's play the final between Major Money and Mr Trevor Williams will take place at 2.30." (SC 7.6.13, p8)

"This new croquet club, which was opened last year, and which already has over sixty members, held its first open tournament on June 2 and following days, and was an unqualified success ... mention has been made of the [challenge] cup; this cup was provided through the generosity of Mrs W Stevenson and Mr Marden-Ranger, and has to be won three times to become the property of the winner ... Mr W Cundall, the secretary of the original croquet club ... was asked to present the Challenge cup to Mr Trevor Williams ..." (CG 12.6.13)


"This club's open meeting takes place next week, and it would have been the most important event of its kind near London had not Hurlingham changed its date to the same week. But this notwithstanding, the Surrey Championship will not suffer from the change, for last year's lady champion, the Lady Julian Parr, and the two Irish gold medallists, C L O'Callaghan and P Duff Matthews, have already entered ..." (SC 30.5.14, p11)

"... the club's ground ... is situated in a sequestered spot amid sylvan surroundings contiguous to the Surbiton Lawn Tennis Club's headquarters in the Berrylands ..." (SC 5.6.14, p8)

"[A new feature at] the second annual tournament of this club ... was the title 'Championship of Surrey' for the A class. A handsome challenge cup has been provided, with a replica of the same to be kept with the usual cheque ..." (CG 11.6.14)


"In beautiful weather and under happy circumstances the Surbiton Croquet Club is holding its club week ..." (SC 14.6.19, p9)

The Open Meeting - and with it the Surrey Championship - was not revived until the following year.


"The delightful grounds of the Surbiton Croquet Club are this week the Mecca of many of the leading exponents of the game, the occasion being the third Open Tournament, which includes the Surrey Championship. No better venue can be imagined than this tree-encircled enclosure, where broods a serene calm unbroken save by the gentle tapping of the mallets and the rustling of the leafy boughs in the breeze. It is an idyllic spot in which to linger through a long summer day, and the six courts are in perfect condition for the contests ... the total entry of 165 for the seven events fully equals that of the last meeting in1914 ... the entrance to the ground is through the Surbiton Lawn Tennis Club enclosure, Berrylands." (SC 5.6.20)

The surprisingly large entry is somewhat misleading, in that those playing in several events were apparently counted as an 'entry' for each: there were probably between 60 and 70 competitors - still an impressive total by present-day standards.


"The annual week arranged by Mrs W Stevenson of Ditton Hill, hon. secretary of the Surbiton Croquet and Bowls Club ..." (SC 11.6.21)


"The sixth competition for the Croquet Championship of Surrey again will form an important feature of the tournament ... It is, as formerly, under the management of the Surbiton Croquet and Bowling Club ..." (SC 9.6.23, p7)

These are the only references in which bowls features in the name of the club; they suggest that, at least for a time, the 'excellent corner ... available for a bowling green' was actually used as such; but it is difficult to see how there would be sufficient room for it on the site if there were also seven croquet lawns - as there were reported to be in 1929.


"Picturesquely set in the midst of sylvan surroundings in the Berrylands, Surbiton, adjacent to the Lawn Tennis courts ... the ninth open croquet tournament [is being held] at which the competitions for the CA gold mallets and the championship of Surrey are decided ... [there is] a record entry of190 competitors ... After 15 years' valuable service as hon. secretary of the Surbiton Croquet Club ... Mrs W Stevenson has been elected president of the club, and Mr B Kettle has succeeded her as hon. secretary." (SC 2.6.26, p9)

"... [there are] 185 entries and 75 competitors ... Miss Betty Stevenson reached the final round in the competition for the Encouragement Cup presented by her mother." (SC 5.6.26, p10)

"... Hooper, the groundsman, with his new motor mower, did his best with the courts. Those who won remembered how good they were." (CG 12.6.26)


"... Messrs Packham and Sons were the caterers." (SC 13.6.28, p9)

Page 5 of the previous issue, 9.6.28, contains a good photograph of the main pavilion and the two courts in front of it - taken from near the entrance to the club in the NW corner of the ground, facing E - with a group of players (including Mrs Stevenson) in the foreground.


"... all seven courts were kept going busily ..." (SC 29.5.29, p8)

"... [one of the events was] the encouragement singles, for a fine cup given annually by Mrs W Stevenson. This class is limited to players with handicaps of 12 bisques and over ... the first to reach the final was Miss B E Stevenson, daughter of the donor of the cup [which she proceeded to win] ..." (SC 1.6.29, p10)

Page 5 of the same issue contains another - decidedly murky - photograph of the grounds, this time with no buildings visible.

"... [at this, the] twelfth annual open tournament ... visitors heard with relief that the site had recently been saved from the speculative builder by the purchase of the freehold by some members of the Club ... the Club is also indebted to Mr and Mrs W Stevenson for the use of their beautiful lawn at 'Eaglehurst' for the tournament." (CG 8.6.29)


Mr H O Hicks the New County Champion (Headline, SC 11.6.30)

"... The catering, too, is so well known in the CA that members even come for the sake of getting our farm cream ... our food pavilion got burnt down, and in the fire, or rather ashes, was found the remains of a good umbrella." (CG 14.6.30)


"... Next week is the fourteenth open croquet meeting ... The Croquet Club has been saved from the busy builder, and bought by a few of the members ..." (SC 30.5.31, p12)

"... A number of matches have been decided on the court at Eaglehurst, Ditton Hill, lent by Mrs W Stevenson ... In [the level singles (Class B)], Mr Bernard Kettle (hon. secretary of the club) has reached the third round ..." (SC 3.6.31, p9)


"Surbiton Croquet Club, Berrylands, Surbiton, will celebrate its 21st birthday, when the Surrey Championships will be fought out there next week.

"The Club was started by its president (Mrs W Stevenson), with the help of the late Mr H Davenport and Mr Gibbons, and Mr Savage, who was at that time leaseholder of the Berrylands Farm, let the field to the Club for £20 a year. At that time there was not a house to be seen, and the members could look right over the valley to the Crystal Palace and Banstead Downs. Now the lawns are closely hemmed in by houses, but the ground itself has been bought, and will never be built upon, and has its own entrance road leading from Manor Drive.

"Although the Club is 21 years old, this is only the fifteenth annual tournament ..." (SC 28.5.32)


"Surbiton Croquet Club will hold their sixteenth annual tournament next week, and the chief event will be the open Surrey Championship ... The club possesses five challenge cups, including one given especially to encourage croquet players, by the President (Mrs W Stevenson). Mrs Stevenson and Mr Marden Ranger, late of Surbiton, also presented Surrey with the Surrey Championship Challenge Cup in1913, and it was then won by Mr Trevor Williams, who is now president of the Croquet Association. The club's new entrance is in Manor Drive, a road made close to the Surbiton Tennis Club, and is an open space never to be built on." (SC 10.6.33, p12).

"The 16th Annual Croquet Week ... [evidenced] the genial, friendly atmosphere that prevails always at Surbiton ... Mr Hooper, the groundsman, was at work on the courts soon after 5am daily ..." (CG 24.6.33)

The Surrey Championship was won by D J V Hamilton-Miller, who beat B G Klein +11 +3 in the final.


"The Surrey Open Croquet Championship will be decided on the courts of the Surbiton Croquet Club, Berrylands, next week ... The usual bridge and bagatelle croquet tournaments for visitors will be arranged." (SC 2.6.34, p14)


"... good progress has been made with the eighteenth annual tournament of the Surbiton Croquet Club, which opened on Monday at Berrylands, and includes the Surrey Championships ..." (SC 8.6.35, p13)


"[There is] a new holder of the Open Championship of Surrey ... the Luard Trophy for handicap singles was won by Mrs P Hurrell ..." (SC 10.6.36, p10)


"... Chief event was the open championship of Surrey which was won by Dr C E Pepper who beat Mr M B Reckitt +25 +26 ... [also contested were] the club challenge cup ... [and] the general handicap [which] is divided into two sections ... for the Lloyd [?Luard] cup ... the only other event was the doubles open ..." (SC 9.6.37, p6)


"Good at one sport - good at another seems to be a fairly safe rule. Latest evidence is the success of Miss E F Ross in winning the Luard Trophy and Commander Lloyd the rose bowl at the Surbiton croquet tournament on Saturday ..." (SC 8.6.38, p5)


"Competition for the CA Gold Mallets and the open championship of Surrey will begin on Monday on the lawns of the Surbiton Croquet Club, Berrylands ..." (SC 3.6.39, p5)

"... prizes will be presented by Mrs W Holly (president)." (SC 10.6.39, p16)

Mrs Clara Mary Holly died in May 1948, aged 75 (SC 5.6.48, p6)

"The 22nd tournament ... is the first time, as far as is known, that the catering has been undertaken by the Club ... great credit must be given to Hooper, the hard working groundsman, for his care of the courts." (CG 17.6.39)

In the final of what was to be the last Surrey Championship, Lt-Col W B Du Pre beat Edmund Longland +17 +18


"SURBITON - Opened Saturday, April 27th. Five courts. 2s 6d a day or 7s a week visitors' fees. Only Club members' tournaments are at present contemplated." (CG 25.5.40)


"SURBITON - The Club opened on April 26th and will close on October 4th. Five courts are in use ..." (CG 2.8.41)

The 'Club News' column which was a feature of the wartime emergency issues of the Gazette contained no news from Surbiton in the following two years.


"SURBITON - Our Club, though sadly depleted in numbers, through death and removals from the district and lack of petrol, is still keeping four courts open ... the cost of keeping up a croquet club is very heavy, and with so few members it makes a great drain on them financially. This is borne cheerfully by our enthusiasts, but is apt to discourage newcomers and beginners, so that we get no fresh blood. Eventually, the Club must die out in consequence." (CG 24.6.44)


"SURBITON - Unlike some Surrey clubs, Surbiton is still going strong ... membership has inevitably decreased, and other means have been arranged to meet the heavy overhead charges. These have all been paid, and there are no liabilities ... four excellent courts were provided and, with an adequate balance at the bank, we look forward with confidence to the future ..." (CG 30.6.45)

This confidence seems to have been misplaced: no subsequent references to the club have so far been traced, the open meeting was not revived after the War and the site is now occupied by the Christ Church Church of England primary school.


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Surbiton District Council minutes

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