Surbiton GC Open

Don Beck writes:

A maximum of 24 players started the new season to enjoy the Surbiton lawns and the typical spring weather .

The Blue block was led by James Goodman and the other semifinalist was Nicholas Cheyne who with 6 wins edged out Rachel Rowe (6) and Howard Cheyne (6).

Red Block Looked simple with Jaimie Burch winning all 11 and Chris Roberts getting to 7 quickly before losing his last 3 games.

The first semifinal was a close affair with James beating Nick in the deciding game. Jaimie was a strong favourite to beat Chris but lost his form and quickly the semifinal.

In the final James greater experience was enough for him to win in two with Chris pushing him al the way.

Handicap changes

Ed Dymock 1 to 0
Robin Wooton 1 to 0
Jaimie Burch -2 to -3

Thanks to Martin French and Pierre Beaudry for their assistance as Tournament Referees and Chris Roberts as co-Handicapper.

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NF 9/05/16

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