GC World Squad Practice 2015

Howard Cheyne writes: writes:

On the 10th of January 2015 Players looking for a competitive session prior to the Worlds played in a Surbiton v Dulwich match. (a contest always played in the right spirit amongst friends but definitely not a friendly)


Will Gee, Rachel Rowe, Howard Cheyne, Nick Cheyne, John Spiers

Sue Lightbody , Pierre Beaudry, Andrew Dymond, Guy Scurfield, Nick Archer

Both teams had guests and the opportunity for play was much appreciated by all. With 9 Current and Former International players present the level was very high at times for a cold January. Pick of the players from both sides were Will Gee and Nick Archer who showed the greater consistency, with shot of the day coming from Dulwich President Scurfield who produced a soaring angled jump shot from the boundary against Howard.

Surbiton won the significant majority of the 25 competitive games, which were complemented by lunch kindly laid on by Don, the usual thanks were acknowledged from all players to Surbiton C.C. for the hospitality and lawns.

We look forward to the results from NZ in February.




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