'Hazel Nuts' Alternate Stroke Doubles Tournament

Kevin Carter writes:

This year's Hazel Nuts alternate strokes doubles was the usual convivial affair. The format of four shortened games of doubles, each round with a different partner, works well, especially for high-bisquers who get lots of on-court coaching from their low-bisque partners, while the challenge for the experienced players is to make lots of silk purses!

Margaret Hampson was the outstanding player of the day - very smooth and unruffled. She easily earned her low-bisquer trophy.

Among the (more plentiful) high-bisquer category competition was more intense. At the end of the day Richard Furse and Cliff Hunter were tied with 3/4, the former taking the trophy based on net points. It was noted that both were talented players with the scope for substantial improvement when they have more experience.

Kitty provided a tasty lunch in the tradition of her mother, after whom the Hazel Nuts is named.

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