Hellenic Teams Championship - Corfu

Corfu Team
Quiller Barrett, Jane Collier (guest stand-in), Mary Knapp (captain), Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter writes:

Surbiton wins the Hellenic Teams Championship

Surbiton's team of four, captained by Mary Knapp, won the Hellenic Teams Championship held in Corfu. It was a close battle with Parkstone, against whom our team achieved a draw in the first round. With both continuing to beat the other teams it looked like a draw on matches, needing a count-back of individual games to decide a tie-break. However, Parkstone fell apart on the last morning and could only just get a draw against Nipchester, leaving Surbiton clear by half a match.

With temperatures of 25-27C each day we needed a lot of beer and wine to keep going. It was only the training for this at home which gave us the edge.

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