Surbiton Easter Open 2014

Kevin Carter writes:

Jamie Burch was unbeaten and unbeatable in this year's Easter Open at Surbiton, 20th-21st April. He was the best shot by some margin and once in never broke down - a simple formula that saw him beating all the usual suspects: Aiton, Avery, Dawson, Hopgood, Patel, etc. By monday lunchtime he had assured himself of the trophy, even if he were to lose his last game (which he didn't).

There were 31 TPs (including Dawson's 7 and Burch's 5) and three SXPs (Aiton x 2 and Avery). Mark Avery was the only player with just one loss and hence finished second.

George Noble, approaching a significant birthday, bought himself a new mallet as a present. This seemed to work well for him and he scored an excellent 5/7. Mark Ormerod, too, proved to be a steady competitor, finishing with 6/8.

We welcomed Jarrod Coutts from New Zealand. He enjoyed the number of games on offer and completed nine, despite an early finish on sunday owing to heavy rain. Now he needs to work on winning more of them ....

The courts were in great shape; the food and beer were magnificent and it was no surprise that this popular tournament was again oversubscribed.

Surbiton Croquet Club
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