Surbiton GC Handicap Ladder Blocks (Bernard's Boxes) Winter 2020/21

Handicap Play - Best of three

Month 1 - The deadline for all matches is 24th January 2021

Please enter the scores of individual games, eg +2 +4 in the appropriate boxes, but *not* just 2-0. Matches should go on cards.

Block 1

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PlayerJS1JS2JS3SS1SS2SS3BM1BM2BM3MP1MP2MP3MatchesGamesNet Score
Julie Sheahan (JS1) 
Julie Sheahan (JS2) 
Julie Sheahan (JS3) 0/00/00
Sarah Smithdale (SS1) 
Sarah Smithdale (SS2) 
Sarah Smithdale (SS3) 0/00/00
Bruce Moxley (BM1) 
Bruce Moxley (BM2) 
Bruce Moxley (BM3) 0/00/00
Margaret Packer (MP1) 
Margaret Packer (MP2) 
Margaret Packer (MP3) 0/00/00

Block 2

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PlayerPH1PH2PH3BV1BV2BV3CH1CH2CH3JC1JC2JC3MatchesGamesNet Score
Peter Hodges (PH1) 
Peter Hodges (PH2) 
Peter Hodges (PH3) 0/00/00
Brian Viner (BV1) 
Brian Viner (BV2) 
Brian Viner (BV3) 0/00/00
Cliff Hunter (CH1) 
Cliff Hunter (CH2) 
Cliff Hunter (CH3) 0/00/00
Jonathan Crane (JC1) 
Jonathan Crane (JC2) 
Jonathan Crane (JC3) 0/00/00

Block 3

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PlayerSR1SR2SR3EK1EK2EK3JL1JL2JL3SP1SP2SP3MatchesGamesNet Score
Sandra Ranson (SR1) 
Sandra Ranson (SR2) 
Sandra Ranson (SR3) 0/00/00
Elizabeth Kennedy (EK1)  +2
Elizabeth Kennedy (EK2)  -2
Elizabeth Kennedy (EK3)  -2 0/11/3-2
Jo Luck (JL1)  -3
Jo Luck (JL2)  +4
Jo Luck (JL3)  +4 1/12/35
Sue Pendry (SP1) -2 +3  
Sue Pendry (SP2) +2 -4  
Sue Pendry (SP3) +2 -4  1/23/6-3

Block 4

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PlayerTS1TS2TS3JR1JR2JR3AG1AG2AG3LvK1LvK2lVK3MatchesGamesNet Score
Tony Sheahan (TS1) 
Tony Sheahan (TS2) 
Tony Sheahan (TS3) 0/00/00
John Ranson (JR1) 
John Ranson (JR2) 
John Ranson (JR3) 0/00/00
Alan Grundy (AG1) 
Alan Grundy (AG2) 
Alan Grundy (AG3) 0/00/00
Lavinia von Kesmark (LvK1) 
Lavinia von Kesmark (LvK2) 
Lavinia von Kesmark (lVK3) 0/00/00

Block 5

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PlayerHN1HN2HN3PQ1PQ2PQ3JD1JD2JD3BP1BP2BP3MatchesGamesNet Score
Heather Notermans (HN1) 
Heather Notermans (HN2) 
Heather Notermans (HN3) 0/00/00
Paddy Quinn (PQ1) 
Paddy Quinn (PQ2) 
Paddy Quinn (PQ3) 0/00/00
Johanna Duffy (JD1)  -4
Johanna Duffy (JD2)  -5
Johanna Duffy (JD3) 0/10/2-9
Bernard Pendry (BP1) +4  
Bernard Pendry (BP2) +5  
Bernard Pendry (BP3) 1/12/29

In blocks, players playing less than half their allocated matches are considered to have scratched, and no matches involving those players will be taken into account in calculating block placement. Unplayed matches between players who have not scratched do not count for either player in terms of block placement. However other matches played by those player remain valid. Where there is a tie in a block , the higher player will be determined according to the following criteria, continuing down the list until the tie is broken.

  1. Highest number of matches won
  2. Highest number of matches played
  3. (For best-of-three blocks only) Highest proportion of games won
  4. Who-beat-whom
  5. Highest net points
  6. Highest gross points

You will note that under these criteria a player who wins 3/5 matches is placed above someone who wins 3/3. This is quite deliberate. If you don't like it, make sure you play all your matches!

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