Surbiton GC A Class Block 2020

Level Play - Best of three

The deadline for all matches is 4th October

Please enter the scores of individual games, eg +2 +4 in the appropriate boxes, but *not* just 2-0.

Block 1

If you wish to enter or amend a result in this block, please click here.

PlayerAD1AD2AD3AW1AW2AW3MB1MB2MB3BG1BG2BG3GT1GT2GT3MatchesGamesNet Score
Andy Dibben (AD1) 
Andy Dibben (AD2) 
Andy Dibben (AD3) 0/00/00
Andrew Wilson (AW1)  
Andrew Wilson (AW2) 
Andrew Wilson (AW3) 0/00/00
Martin Burger (MB1) 
Martin Burger (MB2) 
Martin Burger (MB3) 0/00/00
Bridget Goodman (BG1) 
Bridget Goodman (BG2) 
Bridget Goodman (BG3) 0/00/00
Gavin Taylor (GT1) 
Gavin Taylor (GT2) 
Gavin Taylor (GT3) 0/00/00

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